Even a Mastermind has to relax from time to time!

We and our partners are more than happy to organise the perfect team building program for you, whether sporty, culinary or cultural, such as:

  • a visit of the chocolate factory Darcis
  • creation of pralines
  • cooking or cocktail workshop
  • visit of a beer brewery in the region
  • visit of an organ builder or an organ concert at the Kloster Heidberg
  • beer and wine tasting at the Kloster Heidberg or on location
  • karting, golf, sailing, canoeing, high-wire trail, electric fat bikes, rail biking
  • hiking in the nature park Hautes Fagnes
  • guided tours of Eupen or within the Euregio (Aachen, Hasselt, Maastricht, Liège)
  • petanque at the Kloster Heidberg
  • a visit to the Christmas market in Aachen & Monschau
  • sporting activities on the circuit of Spa Francorchamp