Want to have breakfast and go for a walk in Belgium, cycle in Germany and drink coffee in the Netherlands, and this all on the same day, then you are at the right place in the Euregio!

Along with the Dutch cities of Maastricht and Heerlen, the Belgian cities of Liège and Hasselt and the German town of Aachen, Eupen is one of the regional metropolises in the cross-border Euregio. In the border triangle between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, on a territory of 11.000 km² inhabited by 3,7 million people, the Euregio brings together five partner regions: the Aachen region, part of the Dutch Limburg Province, the two Belgian Provinces Limburg and Liège and the German-speaking Community of Belgium.

  • Eupen – Maastricht (Netherlands): 45 km
  • Eupen – Aachen (Germany): 18 km